Jesus said, "I MUST be about my Father's business..."   Therefore, we try to do our best to stay actively involved in the work of the Lord. Please look over the ministries of our church and see if there is some way that you can get involved in the work of the Gospel!

City Crosswalk
Public Evangelism​
Friday  |  6.45
Seniors Laughing
Rest Home Ministry
Sunday  |  2

Every Friday afternoon we go out to the boardwalk in Virginia Beach to hold signs, pass out Gospel tracts, preach, and witness to all those who are wandering about. This is a great place to engage in a conversation with people from all over the world about their eternal soul. We leave the church house at 6:45.

What better place to talk to people about their eternal destiny than when they are in the last days of their mortality. This is a very easy ministry but it means a great deal to the residents there. We leave for the rest home at 1:45 every second Sunday.

Front Door
Door Hanger Ministry
Sunday  |  2.30

Every Sunday at 2:30, we load up in the church van and go out into the surrounding neighborhoods with door hangers. In each of these bags is a booklet that explains the plan of salvation. If you are not yet ready to witness one on one, this is the perfect place to start! 

Street Ministry
Tuesday  |  5

The benefit of living in the Hampton Roads area is all the congested traffic... for the believer, that is. Grab your Gospel sign and meet us at the intersection of Kempsville and Indian River as we stand up for Jesus for all the rush hour traffic to see. We meet there at the street corner at 5 pm.